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Our Beginnings

In the Beginning...

House of David Ministries was birthed in the hearts of Curt and Christie Landry many years ago now but it was not until 2000 that the ministry itself came into being. In the late fall of 2000 Curt and Christie began meeting with a small group of individuals in a home in northeast Oklahoma. It was a very small gathering of men and women who shared a common desire for more of the Lord. They were not running after a movement, a denomination, or institutionÖthey were simply longing for more of the Lord in their lives and it was during this time of meeting in a home where the Lord began to move in their midst.

The home gathering continued to grow with each passing week as the ministry began to take on a life of itís own. It was no longer just a few men and women gathering together for prayer and ministry but it grew and evolved into families whose hearts were united and knit together for such a time as this. This home group was not formed to build a church or even a ministry it was formed simply out a common desire to gather together and worship the Lord.

A small boom box would fill the room with praise and worship from various CD's and then Curt Landry would share what the Lord had laid on his heart for the night. There was nothing impressive about the set up but still the people sat in the living room, the kitchen, and eventually spilled into the hallway and the entry until there was simply no more room in the house. It was at this point that the leadership began to ask themselves and ask the Lord what He was doing and what all of this meant; the Lord was moving and the people were hungry and it became extremely apparent that whether or not they were prepared or ready the Lord was doing something new in their midst and they had to respond.

The first step to responding to His call was the decision to move out of the house and into a building. They met in a community center for a short time and then eventually moved the meetings to a local church which hosted them two nights a week. The Lord continued to bless and to move within the ministry and it was clear that this was no longer a home group but a true congregation.

The Lord brought musicians and Davidic dancers and in a short time House of David worship was birthed as well. Everything was going well with the congregation and it continued to grow and to change before all of those who were witnesses to the new work. There were times of growing pains but the Lordís hand was ever present as He began stabilizing the congregation and the roots began to form in the soil.

In late summer of 2004 the House of David was blessed to be able to purchase itís own building for bi-weekly services as well as to house the offices for the congregation and outreach programs. Remodeling and renovation of the property was sorely needed, and the Lord blessed every step of faith that was taken along the way. Nearly every person who is apart of the congregation came and gave of their time, hands, and their love. There is not one area of the building that has not been touched by a volunteerís hands. The Lord also provided tremendous financial blessings.

One year later, September 2005, the House of David was formally dedicated. U.S. Senator James Inhofe, Oklahoma (R), was the keynote speaker at the dedication ceremony. The families of the House of David have truly built the House of David and thus it is not simply a facility but it is home and a place where men, women, and children not only worship with words but also in action and deed.



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