Abide in the Blessing

Abide in the Blessing



Pastor Tim Alsbaugh examines what it means to “Abide in the Blessing.”


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Join with Pastor Tim Alsbaugh as he begins to examine what it means to “Abide in the Blessing.” Tim examines the life of David, stating that although he was the Lord’s anointed he did not escape experiencing sorrow. Still, throughout David’s life, he pressed toward to the promises God had given him. We also must come to a place where we guard our thoughts, and our ears from getting distracted from the Lord’s highest and best. We must be willing to walk in God’s instructions, no matter the cost, rather than risk it all for comfort and ease.

  •  I will meditate day and night on the word of God
  • I could live with greater blessings than what i’m experiencing right now?
  • The Lord promises the righteous that they will have a very long life; like a tree, strong and sturdy.

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