Third Day Spiritual Victories

Third Day Spiritual Victories


Curt Landry

In Third Day Spiritual Victories, Curt discusses the importance of walking in a victorious lifestyle and to receive third day wisdom for a new wine skin.


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In Curt Landry’s message Third Day Spiritual Victories, he discusses the importance of walking in a victorious lifestyle. He specifically addresses the way to deal with someone in authority, who has not caught the vision, and says no to what God is calling you to do. He uses a personal example of a recent rejection from a local church.

Next he shares that it is time to receive third day wisdom for a new wine skin. Explaining that our old wine skin does not have the answers we need to get us out of the problems we face. Curt begins to examine what an old wine skin looks like.


Desires Status Quo (Remain in the existing state that they are in.)


A new wine skin gets excited with new ideas.

Looks for new ways to exercise their faith.

Wants to give away what God has given them.

Curt reminds us of the words of Einstein Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. He states that our communities cannot change without a radical shift in the spiritual atmosphere. The government cannot make that shift for the people, the people must seek the Lord for transformation.

In closing, he examines what a “warrior harvesters” must look like in the third day. Stating that they must:

  • Have the fear of the Lord (reverential fear)
  • Critical that we know that we have the ability to change our lives. Understanding that our relationship choices and alignment will affect our destiny.
  • Godly unity is mandatory for healthy living.
  • Praise is the ultimate weapon
  • Balanced in their understanding of spiritual life.

Join the congregation as they come into the awareness that our calling is our position. Stand with the house as we choose to operate out of proper alignment in a place where we are celebrated not tolerated.    

-People are afraid of what they do not know.

-Honor is a force.

-You need to want your community to be blessed.

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