Update Since Solar Eclipse August 21 2017/5777

Update Since Solar Eclipse August 21 2017/5777


Curt Landry, in his message ‘Prophetic Significance of Hurricane Harvey’ speaks a now word into the Body of Christ to answer the call during this time of disaster in Houston. Join the congregations as they chose to use their God given authority to stand in the gap for those experience the devastation of hurricane Harvey. Stand with the House, as they chose to lay down their own offenses in order to stand in unity with their brothers and sisters in Christ to accomplish His plans and purposes.


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This message by Curt Landry, Update on Significance of Hurricane Irma and Recent Solar Eclipse, will provide valuable tools to help you in times of distress.  We are in a new season and a new time. We are entering into the ‘third day’ since the death and resurrection of Yeshua.  We need to be available and open for new ideas, correction and direction from the Lord.

When we are facing storms or destruction of any kind, we need to learn how to get to a place of agreement in the body of Christ. We need to understand how we should pray and what we should decree.  We must come together with a strategy and position ourselves to see what our God is doing and agree with Him in how to dismantle the forces that come against us.

This message will uncover those strategies and connect you with heaven’s way of warning and leading into repentance and petition. When you can go into the Courts of Heaven to make petition in the proper way, in alignment with God’s word and His heart for change, it will change the weather patterns on earth. This is a season of perfecting the ‘three stranded cord’ and recognizing the signs of the times.

Spiritual principalities are at work in the earth to oppose the righteous and wreak havoc in the earth. If God’s blessings are not operating, we are out of alignment with God. This message will encourage you to get back to a place of right standing with God, to enable you to speak to the situations surrounding you in the power and covering of the blood of Yeshua Messiah.

Listen as Curt leads reads through Joel 2:1-21, showing us how this scripture is declaring these current times. Learn how to follow the instruction of the Lord, to blow the trumpet, consecrate a solemn assembly and declare a fast before Him.

This message will give you hope, instruction and understanding in the Prophet Joel’s word.  Be encouraged and blessed as you listen, learn and read God’s Word with understanding. It’s time to look up to our ever nearing redemption! Learn how you can arise and shine with the glory of the Lord!

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